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Life in Suburbia

DJ & I live in an area on the Eastern-most border of Orange County.  We see many animals including deer, coyotes, condors, and an occasional mountain lion, etc. Some time ago I purchased a Gravity Catch and Release Cage Trap to try to reduce the rat population. When I catch a rabbit, squirrel, bird, etc., they are released.

Early Saturday morning there was something in the trap but it hovered out of sight. I picked up the cage and stared into the eyes of a confused full-grown skunk. Needless to say, I gently placed the cage down and cowardly ran back into the house.  There were no animal control offices of any type open so D.J. went quickly to Google.  The fourth result down stated, “How To Remove A Skunk From a Gravity Trap.” 

How To Remove A Skunk From a Gravity Trap

Quoting: “Using a long (18ft) painter’s pole gently turn the trap over so that the gate opens.” No painter’s pole, but fortunately I had just purchased a 15 foot Lemon Picker.

Dressed in hat, gloves, throw-away clothes and a black garbage bag, I ventured forward. “Gently”  turned the trap over.  No action from the skunk but gravity didn’t work.  I had been warned to watch to see if the animal started to pound it’s paws.  If so, clear out.  So far so good.

Now, I’m using the picker to try to unlatch the gate all the time staring eye-ball to eye-ball with the skunk. The skunk gurus said to kneel down so you pose a “smaller” threat, but I was standing and if my friend started to turn in any direction, I would be halfway to Temecula over the nearby hill.

Finally, the gate unlatched and my captive looked around cautiously and disappeared into our front yard foliage. 

Final note

My “advisors” said that I should talk to them in a calm soothing voice. No way.  What was I supposed to ask; “Seen any good movies lately?”  My only thought: Please don’t come back like the families of swallows and quail we have seen.

Final, final note

Google mentioned that skunks are becoming a most popular pet, very cool to have one.

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