Bobby Bowden

All Time Great

Bobby Bowden is considered one of the all-time best college football coaches. I do not know if that is true or not, but I can tell you that he was one of the greatest football coach speakers who ever lived. Went to a couple of his clinics years ago and he was informative and hilarious. There were several Wide-Lefts and Wide-Rights in his games against Miami or he would have had a few more national championships.

It is impossible to replicate his stories. They have to be told with a charming southern accent and flair. But one of his best lines was: A coach in the South had a great season. The State legislators made him the highest paid state employee (by far) and gave him a lifetime contract. Three years later he went 1-10. The State legislators got together and legally declared him dead.

But my favorite football story was his.  One team had the ball for the first plays of the game, and they were playing a powerhouse team. A voice in the stands kept yelling, “Give the ball to Leroy”. They called a running play a Leroy. The guy gets drilled and goes off on a stretcher.

Again came, “Give the ball to Leroy”. A pass play and the receiver gets drilled and goes off on a stretcher.  Again came “Give the ball to Leroy”. On the next play the QB gets drilled by three guys and goes off on a stretcher. Again came, “Give the ball to Leroy”. One player from the huddle steps out and yells up to the stands “Leroy don’t want it.”  Drumroll and fade to black.

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