Cost vs Value

When you take a class LIVE there will be more cost than an online course, which is understandable. Speakers must be paid and meeting rooms must be rented.

BUT, there are many logical advantages:

1. You do not have to be on a boring computer for long periods of time. One day LIVE and you are done.

2. In our LIVE classes there are no exams to take and fail.

3. LIVE classes help eliminate procrastination as you cannot put it off, you paid for it today.

4. Do you think that you would learn more in a LIVE class or online at home by yourself?

5. You get a day off from the grind, and no phone calls for a day. Inter-action, ask questions, get answers, learn more and make more money.

6. We are experts at presenting credit seminars at company locations. No travel, less time, more control.

7. To learn more about LIVE versus online go to: MLO LIVE CE Classes.

8. We only do California classes so we know your rules better than East Coasters.

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