We Got Audited Again

The Federal Government Sent An Auditor (Unannounced)

To a 20 Hour MLO Pre-Licensing Class in Beautiful Van Nuys. They used to call ahead and tell you they were coming. Now, they show up at the registration desk.

Then, they send you a report. The results were excellent from our standpoint. OVERALL; all rating were very good. The highlights to us were the auditor’s comments about the instructor, John Richards.

They Read:

“The instructor John Richards delivered the course in a manner that demonstrated he had an in-depth knowledge regarding the subject matter such as the concepts of mortgage lending, the process and role of the mortgage professional, and federal laws.  He kept the students engaged with real world experiences which helped the students to contextualize the course content.  He interacted with the students positively and answered all their questions throughout the course.”

Then, after the student hours are reported to the Agency (at the cost to us of $30.00 each), each student receives a survey from NMLS asking a plethora of questions. There are two questions that we check every month. For this course the results were:

  1.      Did the Course Delivery meet my expectations.  100% yes.
  2.      Would you recommend this course to another student.   100% yes.

Way To Go John Richards

Appreciate your knowledge and delivery.

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See you in class, and you will pass the MLO Exam.

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