Duane Gomer Education Has A Lot Of Courses For Your Needs (More Info Or To Register: DuaneGomer.com)

side view of group of young people sitting on conference together and making notes while one woman looking at camera and smilingDuane Gomer Education Has A Lot Of Courses For Your NeedsĀ (More Info Or To Register: DuaneGomer.com)

  1. Want to get a real estate salespersons license? We provide three qualifying courses and the best LIVE Test Prep Course anywhere.6
  2. You have served your two years and want to get a Brokers License? We have your eight qualifying courses and LIVE Prep Course with outstanding State test passing rates.
  3. It is time for your four year license renewal? Take our famous 45 Hour LIVE Optional Review (the easy way to renew) or a PDF download online renewal course with all exams online.
  4. It is MLO CE season, time for our LIVE eight hour DBO and BRE MLO CE course. The standard for the industry. We have locations all over CA. See you in class.
  5. Are you or anyone you know considering becoming a State Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator? You need our twenty hour LIVE Pre-License Course and our LIVE NMLS Test Prep Course that has an outstanding record of student success.
  6. Everybody wants to be a Notary: We have a one day LIVE Notary class for both new and renewing Notaries. Low-priced, high-quality, and you are ready for the exam that is given right after the seminar. Easy for time-short people.

See you in a LIVE class soon.

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