Conduct Unbecoming at a MLO Webinar

  1. Attempting to complete the meeting in your car, at a Starbucks, while barbecuing, or in an area known for bad reception.
  2. Trying to sign at 9:05 for a 9:00 meeting and you have lost passwords and other needed information.
  3. Using an old computer, outdated software such as Windows XP, unsupported web browser such as Internet Explorer or a browser that hasn’t been updated.
  4. Changing emails, telephone numbers, and other contact numbers between registration and sign-in.
  5. Inappropriate postings and comments in chat box during class.
  6. Refusing to answer questions and queries when required.
  7. Being careless when registering (birth year for DL expiration year, etc.).
  8. Exhibiting Webinar Rage, it works best if we all work together.

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