I Meet The Nicest People; Jeff Davi Of Monterey, CA

Jeff Davi

A Few Months Ago DJ And I Were Walking Casually Around Carmel, CA And I Saw A Sign On The Property


I told her that he was famous, he had been the 22nd Real Estate Commissioner of the great state of California, and I had appeared in front of him at several hearings in old Sacramento.

The Next Time I Was In Carmel

I contacted Jeff and arranged a meet-and-greet at the famous Paris Bakery and Cafe in beautiful downtown Monterey.

Incidentally, while I was waiting for him I looked around from my window seat and saw many real estate signs. A. G. Davi, John G. Davi, Davi Real Estate, and A. G. Davi Property Management. Yes, the Davi’s are known in Monterey.

Jeff Was Appointed Commissioner By Governor Arnold In November 2004 And Continued Serving Under Governor Jerry Until May 2011.

“Double Deuce,” as he is known around town, watched over many developments.

  1.     The historic number of licensees at 549,000 in 2007 (one out of every 50 people in California had a license)
  2.      Electronic exams were installed
  3.      Established the Mortgage Loan Originator Endorsement Program while fighting hard for California MLO’s
  4.      Started the DRE Financial Literacy Program for Californians
  5.      Worked to eliminate illegal advance fees and unlawful foreclosure avoidance scams

We Also Reminisced About All The Outstanding DRE Employees

  • Wayne Bell
  • Phil Idhe
  • Dan Sandri
  • Sandra Knau
  • Shelly Wilson (then Harkins)
  • Thomas Pool
  • John Liberator
  • Barbara Bigby
  • Bill Moran
  • Fa Chi Lin
  • and others

And I mentioned the employees who had made my life miserable for many years, Betty Ludeman, plus Shane and Jay, all in the Education section.

We Disagreed On Some Regulations, But We Do Agree On One Rule

When Jeff ruled, salespersons could substitute any college degree for the required experience to qualify for a Broker’s license. While he was commissioner, Arnold even vetoed a couple bills concerning this change.

Now, you can only use a college degree in Real Estate for this experience exemption. So many college graduates are not entering the field. The number of brokers are dropping as is Duane Gomer, Inc’s income.

As you can see, I do meet many nice people, and I meet many interesting people. Keller Williams Coastal Properties Monterey Peninsula Home Team uber alles.

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  1. Dale Thies December 26, 2017 at 1:11 pm #

    I live on the Monterey Peninsula and have known Jeff for years. He is one of the good guys, for sure!

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