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Finally Got The Chance To Have Lunch In Westlake With Tristan Ahumada

At Tuscany, no less, and being in Westlake, Wayne Gretsky was in house.

Thousands of you know Tristan. He is a top producing Real Estater with an outstanding Keller Williams team, BUT he is also the co-founder and operator of Lab Coat Agents, a most successful Facebook Group.

How Successful You Ask?

Well, there is one statistic. They have over 80,000 members (oops current update is 82,998), and their Facebook Page is extremely busy. There are many posts and many comments on the posts. You can tell from the questions, comments, recommendations, and other postings that the people are working currently in real estate and are very helpful.

The Most Impressive Aspect To Me Is The Questions And Answers

Some agent will have a query and hundreds of people will have an opinion of what they should try to do.

For example, just now someone asked a question about Home Partners of American. This company buys a home and leases it to a prospective owner until the prospect can get their financing or credit reports in approval mode. One member had a cash offer from them and wanted to know if any other members had ever dealt with this company. Many, many immediate comments and I formed an opinion that this is a legit offer.

Want To Become More Educated, Become Member 82,999

I am a member and find it informative. Not a member of Facebook. Shame on you.

Also, the group will be hosting a Conference in Coronado on June 26-28. See you there.

Second also, in the near future it is my hope that Tristan and Duane can combine together to present some educational offerings. Stay tuned.

Tristan sure qualifies for the Nice Person tag.

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