Memories: The Year 1972

This Was An Outstanding Bantam Team (Mostly 9th Graders)

Did well. Should have won it all, but the Head Coach screwed up. We should have run a spread with the talent we had. Lost in the final game 6-0 to the Reseda Rams. On one of the last plays of the game, we had a back pocket play ready. Throwback to the quarterback pass. Looked great but a young Jeff Fisher came out of nowhere to tip the ball. That is the same USC and Chicago Bear player and Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

Interesting Year 1972

Munich Olympic attack, Mark Spritz from IU won tons of swimming medals, Watergate scandal started, crowds of 100,000 for Anti-War protest, Gov. Wallace shot, etc. Average price of a new home $27,500. Gas-$.55. Dow-1020. Wrangler Jeans-$12.00. Top Mercedes 450 SL, $14,500.

Those were the good old days and we didn’t know it. And Mr. Gomer actually had some color left in his hair.

I do not recognize all of the team; Scheper, Mark A., David Gomer, Scott Campbell, Danny Gomer, and others. Help me out and send me the names of the others.

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