March Madness Has Already Begun

Duane Gomer March MadnessPrepare Your Brackets

Have you all prepared your brackets?  Last year my entry ended quickly as I picked Wichita State who was undefeated going to the Dance to win it all. The NCAA gave them such tough first games that my Bracket was done the first weekend. For all bracket watchers who are picking by team colors, etc., know that the chance of you winning any decent size contest if you do not get the winner, is about the same as a number one seed losing to a number sixteen seed.  It could happen, but it never has because of the way the points are spread.

This year my final four is Kentucky (didn’t learn my lesson last year and my Indiana University did go undefeated in 1976), Arizona over UW (my home state) to get there but Arizona is now Pac 12 (and I first came to Pac 12 land  when it was Pac 8 land), Gonzaga (supporting the little conferences), and Michigan State (never bet against their coach at the end of the year), and the overall winner will be Kentucky, and the one/and/done will go on forever.

The NCAA gave UCLA a big break by giving them an 11th seed or any seed, but now they put their game at noon not evening and on TRUTV.  I only hear about TRUTV at NCAA time.  I had to check last night to see it was in my Cox Premiums Plus Super Platinum Package.  It is not, can’t get channel 1352.  Only solution is lunch at a Sports Bar. See you at Daileys.  Hold my calls, emails, texts, etc.   

First game:  Notre Dame sure didn’t cover the spread. 

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