What Would Warren Do?

My Friendly Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Adviser Just Answered That Question

Warren Buffett’s holding company latest purchases were Apple at $168, Bank of New York Mellon at $51, U.S. Bancorp at $50.  He also “trimmed” some of his shares in American Airlines (only 1 million shares), and he still holds strong positions in many airlines.

Kiplinger noted that many of the airlines have price-earnings ratios of fewer than 10% like that is a good factor. If you believe that, I have a Real Estate Education Company that would be available.

What Has Warren Been Unloading?

General Motors, which faces fierce competition, challenging new technologies and possible or probable tariffs on steel, and good old IBM as according to many experts their turnaround story has worn thin.

Remember Old Big Blue’s Motto:

Think. Thomas Watson, the reason IBM grew so fast was an outstanding sales guru and built a company that was so successful. Many families in the early days were given stock, and the increases made them millionaires. They were factory workers and continued working and living on their wages and holding on to their stock. When they died, their children were indoctrinated to continue holding. Never sell your stock.

They did through the 20’s, the 50’s, the 80’s etc. they became double digit millionaires and later before IBM suffered some bad days triple digit millionaires, but still lived simply.

Often Wondered If That Is The Best Way To Handle Stock

Of course, since I am always buying when I should be selling and selling when I should be buying, plus my father worked in a foundry, the questions of how to handle a triple M digit estate has never arisen. But I think I would have spent a little. A few cruises, dinners at French restaurants, a fast car, trinkets for my spouse, and a few other treats.

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