Estate Sale Followers, You Missed This One

R.C. Gorman of Taos, N.M.   back of painting

Hidden Treasure Right Under Everyone’s Noses

Carole Kim is Director of Publications at Duane Gomer Education.

Her mother-in-law recently passed away. Carole organized a large house full of many priced objects to be ready for an Estate sale in the beautiful city of Wildomar.

One item was a painting, actually a large framed painting, hanging on the wall of the living room. She priced it at a grand price of $5.00. Being a successful Real Estate Broker, she was going to be ready to accept an offer of $3-4.

No offer came. The painting was wrapped up and transported to her home.

One Night, She And Her Husband, Michael, Decided To Take A Closer Look

On the back was some information and on the front was an autograph.

The pastel on paper was painted by R.C. Gorman of Taos, N.M.

A Google search stated that he was a well-known painter, known as the Picasso of the Navajo Nation. The painting was autographed as stated before and in good condition,.

Obviously, they quickly took their treasure to a reputable appraiser. $2,500-$3,000.

There was a good turnout for the auction, and everyone missed this one. The painting sure looks GREAT now.

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