Why Become A Broker #54


Would becoming a broker be valuable for someone in Real Estate?  Obviously, since I am in education, I believe that you should.  I did years ago.

My son did when he graduated from CSUN, and my granddaughter passed the first time.  I have stressed to them the value.  You might say that I have a hidden agenda, if you get a broker license, I will make money.  That is not a hidden agenda.  It is right out in the open.

You might ask, “Will the extra education and study help me?” and I say, “I don’t think that it will hurt you to learn a little more and take some excellent courses.”


“Can I guarantee that you will pass the exam?”  No, but our preparation package will sure help.  Our passing grades are outstanding.  Best in the West in my opinion.

When you become a broker, you can show clients your DRE status sheet and say, “I am a Broker Associate and that means I had to take 8 college courses and pass an all-day exam that less than 50% normally pass.  With more education and motivation than most salespersons, I can probably handle your sale with more precision.” 

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