Speakers, Where Art Thou Speakers

Often I Have Someone Say To Me That They Would Like To Become A Speaker For My Company

Then, they seem irritated that I do not immediately give them an immediate assignment. I would like to answer a few questions about speaking for any private education company in California. My experience for the last 40 years is in Real Estate Education so that is what I can discuss. Yes, Continuing Education for California Licensed Real Estate Agents started in 1978.

Will have to have a party the first week of September to celebrate 40 years. My first seminar was with Founders Title in San Jose. Great day and I will always be grateful to Dwight Clark and Rich Robinson for making the years possible.

Speakers; Do most companies like mine need speakers?

Not too many companies do live seminars anymore. There is something called the Internet. Enough said.

Does your company need any new speakers?

Not at this time, we need students badly, or I will need even fewer speakers.

Do your speakers work full-time?

No, they are Independent Contractors who all have successful job-jobs. We try to have speakers in each part of California. Flying someone to Northern California and paying for hotels/meals and such would quickly make us a non-profit company.

Do you or have you ever trained new speakers?

No, we have always been successful in finding outstanding speakers. We search and search for good speakers because a seminar company is only as good as the person speaking for them at that moment.

What do you believe is the motivation of most of your speakers for working for you?

I believe that it is a love of speaking and assisting individuals grow. I know that sound patronizing but I believe it. They and I will tell you that it is sure not the pay.

Do you have much speaker turnover?

Thankfully, no. I have one speaker who has been with me for 30 years and others for 20 plus.

Have you ever had to let speakers go? What do you think?

One reason many times is that they do not know how to treat our staff and sponsor staffs correctly. We work low budget and no room for prima donnas.

How many part-time speakers do you have right now?

Around 21. From Sacto and Santa Rosa to Chula Vista.

Where Did You Find Most Of Them?

That is a good question. Many from hearing them give presentations. Some have been recommended by Association Staff whom I know and trust. On every student evaluation at the end of the class, they are asked, “Have you heard any good speakers lately?”. The last one hired I met at a table at an OCAR meeting. And some come from recommendations of our current speakers. This was a good question for me to consider.

Therefore, if I do not give you an immediate assignment, understand the problems in live education today. But I sure do want to thank all of you for coming to our seminars and telling me how great Minnie, Jim, Virginia, Sharon, Jay, Tom, Gus, Cindy, Judy, Guy, Michelle, Kevin, Bob, Dave, Ann, Bobbi, Randy, John, Joffrey, and Howard have been.

See you in class and again thanks for 40 years.

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