Yes, All Salespersons Should Be Brokers

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If I Were King, That Would Be A Rule

My license number is 00257862 and current numbers are around 1.9M. So I have seen many come, and I have seen many go. Some never last, and they never know why. Was Peter Drucker the one who said, “If you want to have a change in your life, you have to make some changes?”

Why Do I So Strongly Believe This?

We have a flyer on our Website that lists my opinions. Such as:

  • Broker Associates make more money than Sales Associates.
  • Double Duty: You can work for different companies if you are a broker.
  • Flexibility: If an opportunity arrives, you can move now if you have the license. It takes months to complete broker requirements.
  • Retiring: When you retire as a broker and a referral comes along, you can be paid directly by the referee.
  • Status: Tell people that you are a broker; a person who completed 8 College Level Courses and passed an exam about only 40% can pass. You have smarts and perseverance.
  • Liability: Broker Associates have no more liability than Sales Associates or Error and Omissions Companies would be charging them higher fees.
  • Education: Would more education harm you in the long run?
  • Confidence: You know that you could do it, as many licensees never attempt it.

I know that you are saying that I have a hidden objective. If you become a broker, I make more money if you use my company. That is not hidden, there it is right out in the open, but I can still believe that you would be better off as a broker.

See you in class. Call (800) 439-4909. There are so many nuances on getting a license and our real LIVE staff can give you suggestions, recommendations, and guide you every step of the way. Some people go online and then do not sign up for the right classes and do not meet deadlines plus pay way too much money. That Econ class in Junior College 30 years ago could save you money. And staff can approve you for Pay As You Go.

Why should you take our Crash Course to get ready for the Brokers Exam?

Minnie Lush, Tom Morehouse, Randy Newman, Virginia Baert, David Lovenvirth, Randy Turnquist, Gus Lanatta, and Judy Wagner. Enough said.

Also, many of you have started arranging classes with companies or firms or Assoc. etc. for you to teach. This year we have had speakers arrange many classes and these private classes make you more money than speaking fees. All courses lend themselves to this. Any questions, talk to Christie Olson. Onward and Upward. Our motto this year is “Up Your Gross”.

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