Why Become a Real Estate Salesperson Now?

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My Reply: Why Not!!

If you ever plan to do something, do not delay.

Are There Any Good Reasons For Right Now?

  1. Yes, the market is back.
    To the point where most California Counties’ current prices are about the same as they were before the chaos.
    People are, again, building equity.
  2. Sales are high.
    In 2008 there were about 548K licensees to split up the money from commissions. Today, there are around 420K. That is a drop of about 23%. A big drop.
  3. The passing rates for the State Exam are very high (53% for July 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017).
    This is the last period for which we have information.
    Last year in the same period the passing rate was 50%. Rates in the past dropped sometimes to the 30’s.
  4. The salesperson’s license renewal rate for March 2017 was 92%.which is a big increase from the 75% from two years ago.
    What does this mean? Salespersons are staying around in bigger numbers, so they must like the market.
  5. Could you get licensed and still work your old job and then list and sell your own home?
    Can be done.
    Call our office for comments on this procedure.
  6. Are there any possibilities for a draw against commissions? Probably not.
    However, there are some ways to make money while learning. You can work weekends for builders, work as an assistant for a top producer and learn, hold open houses for other licensees, etc.

What Do You Have To Do? 

  1. You must complete three college level courses. Principles, Practice and one other such as Economics. If you had Econ, Business Law, Accounting, Real Estate, etc in college or community college, one course would substitute for one requirement.
  2. These classes are normally completed online with testing online; our courses have a 60% minimum score and the tests are open-book.
    I will say that again; our courses have a 60% minimum score, and the tests are open book and there are many practice questions to get you prepared.  If you need all 3 courses, by State Regulations you must have your materials for seven and one-half weeks.
  3. Then, you should take our LIVE one-day Crash Course.
    Our student passing rates are extremely high. We have a great plan. If you should by a remote possibility fail once, you return and take the Crash Course again for free. If you should have a real bad day and fail a second time, your money for the Crash Course will be refunded. We do not get paid if you do not pass.
  4. Why are our rates high?
    Outstanding professional instructors, years of working in this field (first real estate class by Mr. Gomer was in 1963), informative textbooks, flash cards, glossaries, many practice exams, and did I say, professional instructors as that is the most important item designed to save you time and get you passed the first time.
  5. Do not have the $349 for the three courses and crash course at this time?
    We have a payment plan. Pay us in two installments. You can get started right away.

Start the clock running by registering today, either by phone at  949.457.8930, email at [email protected] or online at www.duanegomer.com.

We strongly recommend that you sign up by phone and talk to one of our registrars. We can give you tips to save time and pass easily.

You do not need to go to classes for 45 nights or 2 to 3 days for a Crash Course. Only three courses are online and live crash course is for 1 day.

Now, that is a good plan.

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