Department of Real Estate Guidance and Checklists

Best Practices

The agency released many publications concerning how to operate in today’s market. There are FAQ’s for Processes, Business Practices, and Impacts on Applicants and Licensees. There are two extremely important and far reaching items. First, Industry Guidance: Real Transactions, and a General Checklist for Transactions. Learn how to operate today and close sales.

Just a Few Topics

  1. Cleaning or Disinfecting Protocols for Shown Properties. You would be surprised what you are expected to do. What could happen if you did not follow State guidelines and someone got the virus after leaving your property, but they believe they got the bug when with you?
  2. Physical Distancing Guidelines for Shown Properties
  3. Individual Control Measures and Screening


Interested now, here are the links for the two items mentioned above:

  1. Guidance for Real Estate Industry
  2. Checklist for Real Estate Industry
  3. California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

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