Outstanding Real Estate Education Expo Coming Soon

The event:  SOCAL REXPO 2021, Wednesday, September 29, VIRTUAL

Hosts:  Orange County Association, N San Diego Association, Pacific Southwest Association, Greater LA Association

Speakers:  Gov, Brad, Steven Thomas (Economist), and Bill Black (never heard of him, but his references are Hopkins and Tracy)

Keynote:  Bill Dedman, Pulitzer and Peabody winner now at Newsday; his two most famous articles were based on racial discrimination by banks and MLOs in middle-income black neighborhoods in Atlanta, AND a study of Realtors in Long Island who were extremely guilty of steering white customers to white areas. 

Facts:    Date: 9/29/2021     Time: 9:00 AM to 2:00PM      Cost:  $20.00 to members

Register at my Association:   www.ocrealtors.org/RExpo


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