Getting A MLO License, DRE Sales Or Brokers License, Or A Notary Commission; WE DO THEM ALL

Becoming A Real Estate Salesperson:

  1. You need to complete three qualification courses; Principles, Practices, and an elective. These courses should be taken by home study (either hard copy or online reading). It is just about impossible to find any company doing them LIVE, and to do so would take 135 hours of classroom time. These courses are a requirement, and not a great help in passing the exam or helping you to become a successful agent. If you had Accounting, Economics, Business Law or similar courses in college they qualify. Get them out of the way and then:
  2. Take our LIVE one day Test Preparation (Crash Course) via webinar or at a location near you to prepare you to pass the exam the first try. LIVE is so much better and improves your chances of passing the exam to the Nth degree. You do not want to study, try the exam, then have to pay again for the exam, study again. Time consuming and expensive.
  3. Blow the exam out of the water and get your license. Tip, when you sign up for the test, sign up for the license also, and pay both fees. Then, you finish the exam, hit submit, wait a few seconds, it says you pass, and you are a licensed agent on the spot.
  4. The cost of the exam is $60 and the license costs $245 for a 4-year term.
  5. There are time restrictions on taking the courses. You have to have the materials 2.5 weeks for each course to test on them so it takes 7.5 weeks minimum to finish.  It takes time so sign up now and get the clock running. You can sign up easily online, but we recommend you call one of our experienced registrars (most of them are licensed themselves) and they can walk you through everything giving you the proper courses, answer any questions and you should have some, and direct you on how to get started.

Getting A Brokers License:

  1. You need two years experience working as a Salesperson, or a college degree with a Major or Minor in Real Estate. This is a recent stupid change as before you could submit any degree for the experience.
  2. You will need a total of eight college level home study courses. As a salesperson, you typically have three already. The additional five courses would take a minimum of 12.5 weeks to complete and you have one year to complete them, but you can re-register again for a fee.
  3. Then, LIVE Crash Course, pass the exam and you are a Broker and on your way to more income, more flexibility, more education, and you can work on your own, or even for two companies at the same time if the bosses allow it. The idea that there is more liability is a myth.
  4. There are really a lot of questions concerning a Brokers License so it recommended you call our office and get up to the minute information so you do not waste any time. Do you know that some people take all the wrong classes or do not use their college courses to qualify or do not understand the testing requirements, etc?

To Become an MLO:  (Not offering at the moment)

  1. Complete a LIVE 20 Hour Pre-Licensure Course approved by the Federal Government
  2. Pass a 125 question exam with a score of at least 75%.
  3. Pass a Financial Check and a Credit Check
  4. Pay $330.00 to the State of California

Becoming A Notary:

  1. To qualify to take the Notary Exam, you have to complete a 6 Hour Course. We have them LIVE. If you take our class, we pay the State to send monitors to the class at the end and give the Exam right there. Easy, Breezy. The Exam is only 30 questions. You pass then:
  2. You send in fingerprints, photo, credit info, get supplies and you are a Notary.
  3. Start notarizing all over the State. The Commission is good for 4 years. Now that is a deal. Give more service to your clients and your associate’s clients. The Few, The Proud, The Notaries.


Yes, we have renewal courses for these licensees. Most of them are online with the option of PDF download reading or a Textbook, and you test online. We have an 8 Hour LIVE MLO renewal course that will begin around June 1st this year. MLO’s must take this course every year to stay current. Real Estate and Notary Licenses are good for four years.

For DRE renewals, we have a half day LIVE Optional Review Course that is our most popular offering. You come to a review and we prepare you to pass the 8 exams required.

See you around campus.

For more info:  Call 800-439-4909 or 949-457-8930 during normal West Coast work hours or go to our WEBSITE at or write us an email with your questions at [email protected].

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