Discover the Top 10 Reasons Students Prefer Duane Gomer for Their California Real Estate Education Needs

#1.  WE ARE A CALIFORNIA SPECIFIC EDUCATION COMPANY: Why is that good for you? Many companies offer courses all over the United States and are not well versed in the nuances of getting licensed in California. You can be assured our staff, instructors, and authors know the confusing regulations of California well, and we provide proper and up-to-date courses. Also, our in-house staff will answer any of your questions and provide excellent service throughout the process.   

#2.  EXPERIENCED:  We have been offering DRE Courses since they were started in 1978, and MLO courses since they started in 2009 and Notary courses since they were first offered in 2005. We were in on the ground floor of all these State and Federal Regulations and our registration, and testing procedures are state of the art. DGE is family owned and operated with staff and instructors who have been with us for years.   

#3. IN-HOUSE CUSTOMER SERVICE: All calls are answered by one of our live in-house staff members in Mission Viejo, CA. In the latest reviews they have been called personable, helpful, knowledgeable, amazing, awesome, thorough, patient, computer savvy, and so forth. All of them have passed State of California Exams. You will not hear, “Please listen closely as our menu has changed”, because we do not have any menus. You will get a live person. Also, emails are answered quickly, as Customer Service is important to us. You can count on our staff.  

#4. HIGHLY RESPECTED SALESPERSON AND BROKER COURSES: We offer the qualifying courses for these two licenses and an outstanding Exam Preparation Course. More important, our staff knows the nuances of the programs and licensing requirements. We can review college transcripts to see if any of your courses may qualify, and we can evaluate your experience or equivalent experience to help determine if you meet the two year requirement. We also offer a Pass Guarantee where your exam prep course fees will be refunded if you do not pass the State Exam in two tries. Our passing rates are excellent, and we have open phone lines for questions every step of the way. Our success is based on your success.  

#5.  CORRESPONDENCE VS ONLINE ONLY COURSES: Because our education is offered as a correspondence course, you can read your materials online in a PDF (Portable Document Format) and test online. No waiting to answer a question before moving on and rereading when you answer the question incorrectly. Any questions, email [email protected] or call (800) 439-4909. You will be glad that you did.   

#6.  TEXTBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE: Yes, you can purchase a textbook to do your reading because we know, not everyone wants to read online. Not all companies offer this textbook option. And you have resource materials on many topics at your fingertips (no need to search on Google).  

#7.  DRE RENEWALS – OUR ONE PROGRAM FITS ALL: We make it easy by taking out the confusion of trying to figure out which package to order and if it will meet the California Department of Real Estate Requirements for License Renewals. There are three categories of renewal, first time Salesperson, first time Broker, second and subsequent renewals. It mentions courses like Survey and Management/Supervision, which some students can use for renewal and others cannot. They state that you must complete at least 18 hours of Consumer Protection Courses. It is not surprising that some people complete the wrong courses due to no fault of their own. Duane Gomer Education’s renewal course satisfies the requirements of all licensees. Even those currently in inactive status. We make it easy.  

#8.  A STORY FROM DUANE: One day, a licensee called our office with a difficult question. After answering the query, I noted that he had not used our company for his renewal and had renewed with someone else. I asked him, “Why did you not call the company from where you purchased?” The caller answered, “Because they said they did not answer questions of that type and referred me to your company,” I then asked, “Why did you use that company?” The caller responded “Because they were $10.00 cheaper.”   

#9.  INFORMATION SOURCE: DGE publishes a weekly email covering current topics and maintains a blog, Facebook and LinkedIn with informative posts. You will also get emails on new courses and a friendly reminder when your license is up for renewal. We work with many of the California Realtor Associations, Franchises, and Title Companies. And our staff answers calls with real estate related questions every day. Many clients have stated we are their first go-to because we always know the answer. We are here for you.  

#10.  COMPETITIVE PRICING AND VALUE: Our pricing is extremely competitive. For example, our 45 hour renewal course is only $1.44 per hour. However, when you evaluate a course for yourself, consider other important factors. How long will a course take to complete (your time has a price tag)? How valuable will this information be for your career? Will the course be time intensive, and will I be frustrated by the procedures? Will I be able to get proper customer support? Have I talked to other people about Duane Gomer Education? Sometimes, even a free course is not the most valuable for you.  

IN CONCLUSION: It is my hope that we will see you soon as a student, and our main goal will be to do such a superb job that you will return, like many of our current students who have been with us for many years. And to all my friends from over the many years of live seminars around our great state: Thank you for your support. See you at our next webinar or class.
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