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Bottom Line from AARP RMDs due for 2020 are waived, but you can take them if you need the funds or to take advantage of the tax planning opportunities opened for this year. Also, there has been a change in starting age from 70.5 to 72.  For more information see

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Watch or Skip? I have recommended some movies to watch online during our lockdown. People agreed on some and differed on others. There are some movies that I would recommend that you do not watch. Case on point: Uncut Gems. Adam Sandler received favorable reviews for playing a completely different character, a dishonest gem dealer […]

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Real Estate Projects To Do In A Shutdown

Get a Brokers License You probably need five Broker courses to qualify to take the exam. You can complete the courses at any time. They never expire. There are so many nuances in ordering these course, we strongly recommend calling our office at 800-439-4909 between 9 and 3, M-F. We currently have discounted prices, installment […]

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Cabin Fever Movie for Today

Great Movies You can not discuss 2019 movies without mentioning “Parasites”. It won the Oscar. The first foreign language (Korean) film to win and the first film with sub-titles to win. The consensus rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 99%. A Review An urgent brilliantly layered look at timely social themes. Parasite finds writer-director Bong Joon […]

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Anyone With Cabin Fever

Knives Out I have seen many of the 2019 movies and for today I have a recommendation. KNIVES OUT. Rotten Tomatoes, my number one rating service, rates it 97% out of 100%. It earned $265M so some people liked it, and Rian Johnson was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay”. A sample review:  […]

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