Modern open space office with city view

Would You Like To Be Untethered?

CBRE, The International Real Estate Brokerage Office, Has Gone Untethered Employees had no choice, even top executives, as they now roam freely on the top two floors of a Bunker Hill tower.  No assigned desks or offices.  You can join peers in a “neighborhood” or plop down on a modernist couch. The Chief books an […]

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masked thief stealing data from computers

As Mark Twain Said, “Her Death Announcement Was Premature”

Last Week While Reading Facebook, I Saw A Strange Posting It stated that a young lady, a Facebook/Real Estate friend, had died suddenly.  She’s active on Social Media so there were many shocked comments with questions about conditions, etc. on her FB page but there was no response.  Friends tried to call her, etc. etc. […]

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Simple Answer To Holding Title Questions

There Are Many Methods To Hold Title To Any Home, Rental, Vacation Home, And Whatever Before buying any property you should discuss this with an attorney or title company. If you already own property, it might be a good idea to review your situation. Everyone’s situation is different, and there is no one correct answer.  […]

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masked burglars breaking and entering into a victim's home

Do You Want To Be Robbed?

Friends Of Mine Returned From A Recent Trip To Palm Desert And Found That They Had Become A Crime Statistic The one that says that there is a robbery every 12 seconds in the U S of A. Some scary and interesting factors in their case.  When they moved into their garage, they noticed that their […]

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business woman drop dollars in the air

Time to Check Unclaimed Money Again

Every Year, I Post A Link Concerning The Vast Amounts Of Unclaimed Money With The State Of California Every year, I get an email from someone who took less than a minute to enter their name or name of relatives, friends, etc. They will tell me that they found some money for someone dear to […]

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group of thumbing up business people, isolated on white. concept of teamwork and cooperation

Nuances On Getting A Real Estate Brokers License

There Is Much Confusion Among Students When The Question Of How To Get A Broker’s License Is Asked There are some basic rules, but there are then some little known rules.   The general rule is that you must complete 8 college courses to qualify to take the Brokers exam. Most recent Salespersons have completed […]

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