Informative New Web Page; OAG.CA.GOV

This Is The Site Of The California Attorney General His name is Xavier Becerra. He was appointed by Jerry Brown to replace Kamala Harris when she was elected to the US Senate. When appointed, he was a 25 year member of the US House of Representatives representing a District from Downtown Los Angeles. His background […]

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2018 Some New Laws From California

2018 New California Laws You can’t smoke or consume marijuana in any way, while driving or RIDING in a car on California Highways. State officials will do more to crack down on misusing disabled driver placards. Next, single drivers in diamond lanes (if I were a king). Minimum pay will be $11.00 an hour for […]

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Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Versus Lunches

Prior To The New Law My Simple Understanding Of Tax Law Was: Business Lunches With First Tuesday:     50% Deductible Lunches For My Outstanding Staff For My Convenience:   100% Deductible New Regulations Effective January 1, 2018 And For My Tax Return Of March 15, 2019: Business Lunches:   Same Lunches for my staff:    50% and not deductible […]

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My Dick Enberg Story

© Photo by San Diego Padres Anyone Who Is Interested In Any Sport Knows That Dick Enberg Was A Master Announcer Of Many Sports NFL Football, Tennis, UCLA Basketball, Padres and Angeles Baseball, Boxing, Horse Racing, Golf, Olympics, and many others. And everyone from superstars to staff  have mentioned constantly what a wonderful and charming person […]

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Breaking: CFPB Structure Is Constitutional

This Alert Was Sent To Me By Theresa Ballard The legendary compliance management consultant, and I thank her everyday for her assistance in our presentation of MLO courses. When I met Theresa, I could not even spell MLO. An En Banc Panel Of D.C. Circuit Judges On Wednesday Overturned A Ruling This would have allowed […]

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This Is Wine Country In Germany

I Was So Fortunate To Live Just Down This Moselle River (On The Rhine) For Five Years Two as a Naval Officer, one Director of Athletics USAF, and two as Director of Data Processing Exchange Services (Military Department Stores). This Is Trittenheim, Germany As Seen From AMA Cruises It looks even better in person. My […]

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california state assembly is the lower house of the california state legislature.

What Is Happening At The CFPB Lately?

When We Last Discussed The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau There was a conflict concerning who would be the Interim Director after Richard Cordray resigned. It is now Mick Mulvaney who also is the White House Budget Director. Couple of big announcements in the last couple weeks indicate the direction that the Bureau will be heading […]

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