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Real Estate Agent Handing over Keys to a House

What Do You Do When a Seller Wants to Stay in Property After Close? Ask Mr. Hunt

Why Do Sellers Stay On Property After Closing the Deal? It is very difficult for sellers to completely plan the “exact” date of departure. Lenders, Escrow Officers, Buyers, Inspectors, Regulators, Transaction Coordinators, and others can do things entirely unannounced that can change dates. Also, sellers sometimes believe if their Purchase Escrow is delayed, their Sale Escrow […]

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Lori and Chloe

I Meet the Nicest People

This is a Photo of Lori Parra and Her Close Friend, Chloe. Lori and her 15.5 year old Corgi were taking a Sunday morning stroll in Rancho Santa Margarita. It looks like Chloe believes that every dog gets to ride in a little Red Wagon. She also looks a little suspicious of some strange man […]

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Evictions, Evictions, Evictions

Steve Duringer of Duringer Law Group is My Favorite Eviction Guru. His firm is outstanding. Fortunately I have not had to use his services in a long time (and please let’s go longer), but if I need an Eviction completed, he is the one I would call. He authors a fine monthly newsletter. His latest […]

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