Is Alcohol In Moderation Good For You?

Lots of disagreements on this subject. Some time ago, the New York Times published an article by Aaron E. Carroll that stated that one to two drinks are “good for your health.” It created many responses with many disagreeing with that statement. So the author published a follow up story with more data, and he still says that clinical studies that he researched make him believe more than ever in this premise.

Too much alcohol is bad for anyone. That is a general belief. What is too much? Different for different people, but one or two drinks a day is considered moderate.

Dr. Carroll concluded that moderate drinkers have better health results than excessive drinkers and non-consumers. It leads to improvement in cognitive functions, diabetes, cardiovascular, blood pressure, and cholesterol among others. Cancer was not studied in these projects.

Another article that I read years ago stated that one glass of wine or a drink was good and if you weighed more than 190 pounds, two drinks would be helpful. A reason to keep my weight up. So many articles, so many decisions.

One reason that I respect this study: Dr. Carroll is a respected researcher at the Indiana University, School of Medicine. Enough said.

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