DRE.CA.GOV:   There are the obvious articles and regulations, but it is the extra items that are interesting. You can look up a licensee’s history (how long, any sanctions), research publications you can use in your business, find out which Education Companies have been discontinued. 

Also, I would like to recommend one form that very few people recognize: RE149. Type it in the search bar and you discover a monthly form that gives you the following information, and much more: Number of licensees for the current year and previous two years; renewal rates – all numbers presented will be for the Fiscal Year ending 6/30/22. The rates were 94% for Brokers and 80% for Salespersons; number of candidates who passed the exams and percentages that passed – 47% for Brokers and 49% for Salespersons.    You can also find statistics on the following topics: Investigations, Audits, Hearings, Subdivisions, Sanctions, etc. Check it out. You will be amazed at how much information is here and never studied. 


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