There are hundreds of designations in the real estate field. Whenever I see a new one I like to ask, “Who awarded this designation to you”? It is amazing how many companies and associations give designations.

There was one that I achieved and all I had to do was attend a four hour meeting, pass a 25 question exam that was very hard to fail and read a 20 page study and surprise I was an expert in Foreclosures. No experience required.

Now, there are many outstanding designations, many from the National Association of Realtors and I want to name three. Three require extensive course study up to 200 hours and applicants must show verified and validated experience. They are Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Commercial and Investment Member, and Certified Property Manager.

I highly respect all three and I am the holder of the CPM. I attended classes in AZ, San Diego, Los Angeles and other places. Had to complete an extensive Building Plan and had to show that I was a full-time Property Manager with a minimum of so many properties.

I just had a CRS experience. My younger sister Judy sadly passed away in June. My youngest sister Kathie is executor of her estate and it included a very nice home in Racine, Wisconsin. The question arose, “Who should “LIST” the property?”

I went on the NAR website and got a list of CRSs in Racine. Checked their backgrounds and their companies. When I was in Racine in June, I talked to three of them, and recommended them to Kathie. She picked Ed.

Kathie listed with Ed in November. Entered Escrow in early December. And it is understood with CRSs that a broker from another area can receive a referral. The referral fee was used to reduce the commission on the Fenceline Property. Another CRS success story.

Ed got a listing that he never would have received without his CRS. Judy had the sale of her beloved home handled by a professional. Kathie had the problems of disposing of the property handled. And Duane helped.

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