Last year there was a scandal in the MLO CE world. A San Diego firm gave credit to their students and w. NMLS did not like this. So they are stressing that live classes, webinars, and online courses must be policed closely.

One change to webinars: Students must be on camera during the entirety of the class. Do not panic. The world is not going to see your setup. The only person who will be watching is our staff monitor and they’ll be watching around 100 other students. If your camera and computer are working fine, you are home free.

Check us out! Here are some comments from our most recent webinar. We love our students!

#1 “The webinar is convenient, saves time not having to travel and saves money on gas, lunch, etc. Thanks!”  

#2 “John was very knowledgeable and informative.”

#3 “Great class, the 8 hours flew by”

#4 “Will recommend this class to others'”

#5 “As always with Duane Gomer: good instructor, reasonably paced, one day and done, easy way to meet the 8 hour requirement”

#6 “Thanks for presenting classes for all these years”

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