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DRE Expirations Extended Again

For the best explanation we are presenting here FAQ #10 from the FAQ’s for Executive Orders N52-20 and N69-20. Timeframes / DeadlinesExecutive Order N-52-20 Executive Order N-69-20 Total April 16, 2020 through June 14, 2020: ·  timeframes associated with examination application expiration dates ·  timeframes associated with license expiration dates ·  deadlines related to the […]

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A Reminder of What We Can Do

PROVIDE: Courses to qualify you to apply for a Real Estate Brokers or Salespersons License, the Mortgage Loan Originator Endorsement, and the California Notary Public Commission. PREPARE: You to pass the Exams for all of these Licenses with Exam-Prep Crash Courses including practice exams, textbooks, materials, study tips, flash cards, math help, glossaries, counselors, years […]

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My Brag of the Day

Yelp Review Yelp noted that I had asked a question about Reverse Mortgages researching an article. They sent me an alert that I might be interested in a couple posts. They sent a photo and the two recommendations. They were right. I know that man. Met him in 1958 in a hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany. […]

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