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Trouble In Our State Government

Embezzlement Within The University Of California Some time ago, a State audit stated that Janet Napolitano had secreted away over $175 Million Dollars, a tidy sum in the University of California bank account. This was done by overestimating expenses and underspending and asking for more money. No decision on what will happen next, but the […]

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Small Cities Review By My Favorite “The Kiplinger Letter”

To Quote: “Many thriving small cities figure to power ahead, outpacing the U.S. average for job creation as employers look for places with skilled workers and lower living costs. Among the fastest growing.” St. George, Utah: Tourist and retirees seeking pleasant weather and great national parks Bend and Redmond, Oregon: Also, tourists and retirees and […]

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Nixon Library Redux

Been a long time since I have visited Yorba Linda and the Nixon Library. Doug Graham organized a special tour last week, and I really enjoyed it after many years. It Is Worth A Trip With All The New Sections And New Renovations After visiting it for a few hours my first thoughts were, “I wish […]

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Alert To All Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents, And FDIC People Who Hope To Become A State Licensed MLO

Becoming A State Licensed MLO As I have mentioned many times, to become a State Licensed MLO (DBO or CALBRE), you must complete a 20 Hour Approved Course and pass a 125 question exam. Sounds easy? It is not. There is some work and study involved. Ask some of the almost 40% who fail the test […]

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More On Inventory In Today’s Market

More On Inventory In Today’s Market It is not a big, dark, private secret that the Inventory of Real Estate Listings is very low. This is a constant complaint of Licensees working in home sales. Just not as many sales to split up with the 420K Licensees. One Big Problem That I See Is Student […]

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Inflation, Nine Letter Word

Everyone Talks About The Median Home Prices In Our Areas They are getting back close to or above the peaks set back in the 2007/2008’s. Median home in Orange County for April was $733,000.00. That is only $1,000.00 below 2007’s record. However, There Is One More Correction That Should Be Mentioned If we adjust that […]

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I Have A Movie To Recommend!!!

As Most Of You Know There Have Been Few Outstanding Movies For The First Months Of 2017 Unless you like sequels, violence, vulgar, animated, etc. Then, of course we all have different tastes so it is difficult to tell someone where to spend money. As a matter of fact, last year’s Oscar winner was not a […]

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