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What Is A Good Legitimate Source Of Information?

I am amazed how many people I encounter who do not know some basic important facts about Real Estate Law.

Well, One Might Be The Bureau Of Real Estate, Part Of The California Department Of Consumer Affairs

According to their website, this agency exists to serve the real property market and protects the transaction occurring in the real estate field.

Visit their website.

Their mission is stated, “To safeguard and promote the public interest in REAL ESTATE MATTERS through licensure, regulation, education and enforcement.

Some Of The Topics Listed Under Essential Information Includes:

  • Method to Verify Real Estate Licenses
  • 2017 Real Estate Law
  • Consumer Alerts
  • Current News
  • FAQ’s
  • Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Forms
  • File A Complaint
  • Real Estate Business Resources
  • Complete List of Publications
  • Invitation for Public Comment/Hearing Notices
  • Course Provider Resources (check on my company’s approved courses)
  • Current Processing Timeframes, etc.

You can connect with them by Facebook,You Tube, Tweets, phone, mail, email,, in person, RSS feed, etc.

Also, You Can Check On Their Publications And Reference Books

bre consumer guides

They have a section listing any disciplinary actions taken against licensees. That can be very interesting. They even show copies of legal actions completed. You might be surprised to see some people you know.

Lots of information provided which is the official information.

One Product That I Recommend Is The Quarterly Bulletin

calbre bulletin

Current Summer 2017 issue has just been released, fourteen pages of current information. Go to the website and find it under Publications.

Also, previous issues would be valuable  for licensees and non-licensees. Check them out.

Brokers And Sales Managers:

Have you run out of material for your sales meetings?

The Bulletin states: “Reproduction in whole or part is authorized with attribution to the Bureau of Real Estate”.

Many of the FAQ’s would make informative handouts to your clients. All we have to offer client’s is our information so use these tidbits to educate clients.

I believe that they would enjoy knowing more and then they realize that you know what you are talking about.

In My Next Newsletter, I Will Review The Summer 2017 Issue To Illustrate Its Value

Big tip of the hat to Wayne Bell, Commissioner, and William Hoppes, Editor.

Duane Gomer, Broker, License Number 257862 (yes that is a low number, which means I have had it a long time considering numbers now are over 2M)

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