What Does An “Average Everyday Eviction” Cost

sad evicted man worried relocating house sitting on the floor in the kitchen

Whenever I Have Eviction Questions, I Always Go To The Same Source

Steve Duringer, Attorney at Law, Eviction for Landlords Only, Previous Duane Gomer Student Years Ago.

Instead of paraphrasing a Duringer article, I will present his answer right here, right now. While you are on his website, you might look at all the other questions that you can research there. He has two informative booklets that he would be pleased to send you.

All I can say is that, fortunately, lately, I have not had  many evictions but when I did, I used Steve’s firm. I have always been pleased. His attorneys do so many they know all the questions and the answers, plus they know all the people in the Eviction Pipeline. That is a real Plus.

Without further adieu I present Steve’s answer to our posed question.


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