The DRE RE 149 Report For March 2022 Is Now Available

This form gives you statistics on the number of new licenses, renewal rates, number of exams given, percentage of exams passed, investigations, audits, accusations, hearings and subdivisions. Of course, I like to follow the number of new licenses, renewal rates and % of exams passed.

March 2022 was a much better month. The first nine months of FY 2022 had higher numbers than 2021. The number of new brokers grew from 2,622 to 3,436 and new salespersons from 13,322 to 23,659. Also, the renewal rates of brokers went from 78% in 2021 to 96% in 2022 and salespersons from 61% to 82%. Much more confidence in the market.

The passing rates dropped. From 51% in 2021 to 47% in 2022 for brokers and 60% to 51% for salespersons. Not good news. The number of exams administered for salespersons jumped to 47,684 for salesperson from 23,460 for 2021 and brokers jumped to 3,603 from 2,620 for 2021.

It always puzzles me that a large number of prospects schedule an exam and then do not take it. 11,487 applicants signed up for the sales exam for the first nine month of FY 2022 and never showed up. Next project for DRE.

You can check all the other information by clicking HERE. I have been following this form for decades; try it and you may like it.

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