Information Of Upcoming Events And Class Features; Time To Fast Forward

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We Have Many Programs That We Present In Partnership With Associations, Boards, Companies, And Others

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about this, please contact Christie Olson at 800-439-4909 or email her at  Think of the convenience of having everything done on your schedule at your place by professional instructors.

Mortgage Loan Origination 8 Hour SAFE ACT Required Continuing Education for 2017:
Hurry, They’re Almost Over

Real Estate License Renewal Program-Half Day 45 Hour BRE Optional Review:
Renew the Easy Way

California Notary Public Six Hour Required Course with State Testing At Site:
High Passing Rate

Real Estate Crash Exam Preparation (One Day) For Broker and Salespersons Exams:
Pass on the First Try

Mortgage Loan Origination 20 Hour Pre-Licensure Course: 
Become an MLO and Rich

Mortgage Loan Origination One Day Crash Course:
Be Ready for the NMLS exam

Some Reasons For Considering These Programs:

  • Your people all get them done at the same time, no procrastination
  • The classes are of a proven quality so your people are educated
  • Long-time, High-quality instructors make it interesting
  • The costs to your people will be discounted because of group purchase
  • Grow your company with courses for Applicants
  • Company networking and morale booster

Any questions or comments, please contact us at once. See you in class!

2 Responses to Information Of Upcoming Events And Class Features; Time To Fast Forward

  1. Rafael October 13, 2017 at 10:34 am #

    When is your next NMLS 20 hour online or live course?

    • Customer Service October 15, 2017 at 7:21 pm #

      Hi Rafael!

      We only offer the 20-Hour Live Courses. Our next set of 3-day classes to cover the 20-Hour Pre-Licensing education and Exam Prep will be from November 9th through November 11th at 2 locations to choose from: Costa Mesa and San Jose.
      For a full list of our 20-Hour Course Schedule, please visit our website here: NMLS 20-Hour Live Schedule

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