#1- The Orange County Mater Dei Football Team Just Won The State Championship Beating Concord De La Salle, The Perennial Northern California Powerhouse

They played a full schedule this year with several playoff games against the best in CA and never trailed. That is one strong stat. Best in State History???

#2-  When The Discussion Of Bel-Air Fires Started They Mentioned A Prior One

Do you remember where you were on November 6, 1961? I recall driving through that Canyon before the 405 going to take my State Insurance Test and the fire was just starting. Great photo in December 7, 2017 LA Times of Kim Novak on the roof of her house with a hose.

#3-  I Arrived In CA Just After Labor Day On 1961 With No Prospects After Someone Cancelled A Job For Me After I Came Out From New York With Wife And Three Children

Took the Insurance, Real Estate, and Security Exams in one week. The Real Estate license came first and I went to the Forest E. Olson company and this life started.

#4-  Did You Get A Raise For Next Year?

Brandon Morrow was a reliever for the Dodgers signed in 2017 to a minor league deal for $1M. Modest by baseball terms. He had a good year and just signed a contract for $21M for two years with the Cubs. That is a raise.

#5-  Home Prices Are Expected To Keep Soaring In Places Like Seattle, Salt Lake, Dallas, Portland And Other Western Cities

Affordable areas could be San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Naptown, OK City, and Memphis. However, let’s wait and see how the new tax regs affect housing.

#6-  College Applications Have Been Submitted

Saw one report that UCLA received 119,000. Now that is a lot.

#7-  MLO’s Must Get Their Renewals In At Once

We did our last seminars on Friday, December 15th, and Christie Olson and our stellar staff got those hours banked by 5:00PM on December 15th, so all Duane Gomer students can send in their money. Any questions, and we are here to help. It was another great season, thanks to all our returning people. Love you all.

#8-  In Beautiful Rancho Mission Viejo Can Buy A New Home For $359,918 Which Is Much Lower Than The Orange County Median Price

The catch? 707 square feet. Now again that might not be too small. I can not remember when we last used our living room, dining room, etc. and cleaning 707 square feet would take a lot less time than a normal dwelling.

#9- Had An 800 Call Today For Some Reason I Answered This One

A male voice said, “I am not doing well, grandpa. Had an accident, have a broken nose, and now no car.” I said, “Sorry to hear that. By the way, which school did you attend last year?” Click.

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