LIVE Classes For DRE Licensing, Notary Courses, and MLO Education

Yes, we do LIVE classes for DRE classes, Notary Courses, and MLO seminars. However:

If you cannot make any of our LIVE classes please know that all of our courses are available online at www.duanegomer.com .

  1. You can take courses to qualify for the State Real Estate Salespersons Exam and pass it the first time.
  2. You can qualify for and pass the State Real Estate Brokers Exam the first time.
  3. You can qualify for the State Notary Exam and pass it the first time.
  4. You can complete the 20 Hour MLO Pre-License Course and pass the exam the first time.

Renewal Courses

And you can renew all of these licenses by using our renewal courses.

For more information; you can go to our website at  www.duanegomer.com but I recommend that you call one of our LIVE customer service staff and get all your questions answered quickly and save you time. Call 800-439-4909. So many people take the wrong courses. See you in class. i�tn��]

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