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Round-Ball Rant Of The Day

In The NBA Finals: #1- If Someone Is Being Paid $13,760,000.00 Per Year You would think that they would know the score in a close game in the last five seconds. #2- If Someone Is Being Paid $20,000,000.00 Per Year You would think that they could make two free throws in a row when it is […]

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Requiem For Pac 12 Basketball

Catholics And Episcopalians Understand The Meaning Of Requiem It is basically known as a “mass for the repose of the souls of the dead”. If there is something that ever looked dead, it is Pac 12 Basketball. We (Pac10ers and now Pac12ers) have long complained about East Coast Bias and late scheduling of our conference […]

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Laker Basketball

Some Things That I Just Do Not Understand Brook Lopez, 7 feet tall, earns $22,640,000.00 this year. He averages 3.8 rebounds a game; that is $276,097.00 per game or $72,657.25 per rebound. Lonzo Ball, a guard, averages 7.1 rebounds a game. Does that make sense. He is 7 feet tall. Also, the Lakers pay Luol […]

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John Wooden Photo

My John Wooden Story

The Success of John Wooden John Wooden retired from coaching in 1975 at what most folks considered was an early age (65). He authored several books and did some keynote speeches around the US of A. In Southern California, Coach lectured at many Real Estate Meetings, and I was fortunate to hear him many times. […]

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