Type of Law Enforcement I Endorse

international handicapped symbol painted in bright blue on a shopping center parking space. the space is clearly marked on either side with additional white diagonal stripes.

A Recent Article in The Los Angeles Times Discussed a Program That the DMV Has Rolling.

Their investigators are checking the credentials of the people who park in Handicapped Parking when they should not be doing so.

This, I strongly agree with as I see so many instances where I am positive the person who parked in a handicap slot is not entitled to do this.

Many of these people think that they are entitled to do anything that they want.

The DMVer’s dress like shoppers and watch people park in the handicapped slots. Then, they stop the parkers and ask them about their placards.

Many of them are not eligible for the parking position. As you can imagine, the people do not take to this interruption kindly.

How Many of These Parkers Would You Guess are Illegal?

The answer is: On the day in question, there were 280 people stopped and 42 were frauds. That is about 1 in 7, much less than I would have guessed.

The largest percentage was from people who had a spouse or parent with the sticker, but that person was not in the car.

Others are using the parking placard after someone they knew passed away.

The DMV has 200 Sworn Peace Officers Around the State.

In the last three years they have had 270 enforcement operations and given out about 2,000 citations. 700 a year from 200 officers.

The percentage of enforcement is not high enough.

Let’s make the fines higher than the current $250 to $1,000.

I Have an Idea for State Lawmakers

Duane Gomer, Inc. would like to become your collection contractor.

We would do the investigations for a percent of the fines. The investigators would be put on incentive standards like my old days of working “piece work” in the Modine AC Company.

With my new staff working 8 hours a day at least five days a week or more, I would also borrow a technique from the Wisconsin Highway Patrol.

When I got pulled over there in 1984, the Officer had a little credit card machine.

Pay now or you can be escorted to the Local Justice of the Peace. Speedy Justice.

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