Fire In The Hole… Not Quite

overloaded electrical circuit causing fuse to break

Our Office:

Since June 1990 (a long time ago) is in Mission Viejo High Park. It is in a complex of many buildings of one story office units.

Last Week Around 8:30AM The Staff Heard a Loud Explosion

The building out our back door was smoking.  There was an extreme problem in their large electric boxes.

Already chaos.

Three Saved The Day

Bob Schultz grabbed the fire extinguisher from Christie Olson and emptied it and put out the immediate flames. Chuck McCord called 911, while Christie shepherded the vehicles arriving.

The flames had spread to the attic, but the firemen stopped the growth.

Our electricity was out for many hours, but not as badly as the building with the fire.

How would your office do if you had no electricity, no phones, no computers, no lights for a long time?

Final Part of the Story:

Our landlord is Olen Properties of Newport Beach owned by Igor Olenicoff, who is listed at $2.9B of worth in Forbes.

A day after the activity, we got a nice note from our Property Manager, Lucia Chaves-Jacob, who told us that due to the fast and appreciated response to the accident, we could reduce May rent by $500.00.

Thank you Igor, our office has enjoyed some excellent lunches this week due to your kindness.

And I take back some of the things I have said about our landlord.

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