Super Bowl LI is Not in the Record Books

As a Falcons Fan, the Result was Disappointing.

Even if you are the MVP of the league for 2017, you can get sacked and get taken out of field goal range.

For the halftime, I do not know what more someone can do than start out on the top of the stadium and end up with the mic drop and falling off the screen.

For Discussion: The Ads

Everyone will be saying the ads are not as good as they were in the good old days.

I can not imagine some companies paying $5M and then putting some of those commercials on the screen. BTW, they probably are better than the good old days, it’s just that everything seems greater as more time passes.

Everyone rates the ads, and after reading some of the rankings, you wonder if the people were watching the same game. The most authentic ratings for many years is from USA Today, but since I am not staying in a hotel tonight, I probably will have to search for it on the Net.

My Impressions

The following nine ads are listed in no particular order, but they are the ones that I thought were better than others.

  • Audi – the young girl racer
  • Honda – the yearbook photos (could have left Kimmel off)
  • Anheiser-Busch – Busch coming from Deutchland
  • Kia – Melissa McCarthy
  • Mercedes – Peter Fonda
  • Mr. Clean
  • Coca Cola – with their repeat of America this time in different languages
  • Big Mac – With Snoop
  • Square Space – John Malkovick
  • Ford – the first one of the game.

Ads that were a Waste of Money to Me

  • Tiffany – with Gaga
  • Snickers – with Adam Driver performing live
  • Yellowtail
  • Tide
  • Etc.


8 Responses to Super Bowl LI is Not in the Record Books

  1. Donald MacKay February 8, 2017 at 1:27 pm #

    Brady was fantastic, but the Falcons self-destructed. They had the game won and blew it with their strategy of constantly throwing the ball or initiating running plays when there was still up to 20 seconds left on the clock for each play.. Had they realized the odds were in their favor if they had let more time run out on each series of downs during the second half, I believe they would have won the game.But they chose to ‘pile it on’ with quick passes and running plays; and it cost them dearly.
    From your old ‘Tustin Teeways’ buddy,
    Don MacKay

    • Duane Gomer February 9, 2017 at 11:48 am #

      First to all readers; Donald MacKay is an important person in the history of Duane Gomer Education. He was at Union Bank and gave me so many assignments for my Property Management and Court Receiver Business. Thank you Donald. When you rode off into the sunset at an early age, the new person had a “friend”. Of course, you rode off to extreme success in so many adventures. Proud and happy for you.

      Now, Football. Yes, I watched and complained to the TV that they were snapping the ball in the third quarter with 15 or more seconds on the clock. They were going for the landslide not the sure win. You think that they would have noticed what happened in November.

      Freeman had such a good game, and on the final sack he looked inside and didn’t get back in time to stop Hightower. Didn’t like the OC for Atlanta mentioning Freeman’s missed block the next day. Also, the defense was on the field for something like 99 plays while the Falcons were at over 60. A few more running plays would have helped the defense. And their receivers were still running out of bounds. Get down.

      Was it George Halas who said so many things can go wrong when you pass. Interception, sack, fumble, hold, incomplete, dropped pass, stop clock, QB hurt, etc. The OC learned that again. Let’s see how he does at the 49ers. The Falcons had seven great quarters of football and then one bad one. Wait for another year. Not a big fan of Brady, but I watched some his passes closely and he has one of the tightest spirals that I have ever seen. Maybe he will let someone else win when he hits 50.

  2. Ron Barbieri February 8, 2017 at 3:16 pm #

    Don MacKay is right-on in his analysis of the game. Of course there were 2 additional elements I felt were important to the outcome of the game: 1) The Falcons have the worst defensive backfield in the NFL and, 2) Tom Brady figured them out completely in the 2nd. half.

    • Duane Gomer February 9, 2017 at 11:58 am #

      Don MacKay is always right. I mentioned my comments in a reply to his post. I agree with you, but I believe that the offensive coordinator figured out the patterns. Those backs just got tired. I do not think that they are that bad after watching what they did to my team, the Pack.

  3. John Angelini February 9, 2017 at 3:14 pm #

    With all due respect, I love the Falcons but I love the Patriots more. And W O W what the Patriots did to inspire and motivate everyone with demonstrating that no one is ever down and out, even when it looks hopeless. This applies to everyone in their daily life. But what an over the top demonstartion of sportsmanship and spokesperson for the sports sector. Clean, well spoken, wholesome, handsome, beautiful family, educated and all of this and more earning it by himself and being focused on what he is qualified to do. This and everything he stands for didn’t happen overnight. We all have to start fresh or get up and start over if you’ve knocked down and stay focused and don’t give up. Gomer, I think there’s a little bit of you in what I’m saying. Your school gives everyone the opportunity to go out there and win!

    • Duane Gomer February 9, 2017 at 3:55 pm #

      Agree with you. It was an amazing comeback and as always in any comeback, the Falcons helped them out. Tom is now in front of Joe as best ever. Two low draft picks, neither the prototype for a big-time QB. Sportsmanship glowed everywhere even in the awarding of the trophy.

      Thank you for the nice comments about our efforts. We want everyone to feel that they can win. And don’t forget our mantra, Have Some Fun. See you in class.

  4. David Halver February 10, 2017 at 1:17 pm #

    Hey Duane, as always love your news letter. Bit of behind the scenes trivia on the Peter Fonda Mercedes Benz commercial. It was shot at the Four Aces, a permanent Movie Set in the Antelope Valley. Designed and built as a combination funky Bar, old Gas Station and 50’s Motel, it has been used in countless Features, TV shows and Commercials. No running water, bathrooms or electricity (bring your own), it was built as a full time Set on Location. Google it to see some of the many shows shot there. My connection? I’m the in-house Art Department. That’s Show Biz!

    • Duane Gomer February 10, 2017 at 4:48 pm #

      David I would wager that there are several of those type places to shoot in around So.Cal. Thanks for the trivia. Thank you also for the kind comments about my Newsletter. Where are you in-house director at this time? Keep in touch.

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