A Story From the Road

luxury sports car speeding on a highway at the sunset

Story Background

For many years, I personally instructed seminars around the State of California doing about two weeks a month in No. California.

The amount of materials involved required that I drive up and back. More than 40K a year in miles.

One Time I Finished the Week-Long Venture in Sacramento.

I had dinner to let the traffic thin and then headed home to Calabasas Park.

I had just purchased a new “sports car” and was feeling good. So I decided to “burn the carbon off the pistons” or something like that.

Obviously, I watched the onramps and other areas very closely to avoid any chance of a ticket.

In a long space of nowhere, I saw the lights you hate to see in my rear view mirror. Not too much I could say.

When He Finished Writing the Ticket

I said, “Where in the world did you come from”?

He said, “The truckers up and down the road are talking and telling everyone, check the car coming down your way.

It is hauling. I was coming North so I just waited for you on the other side of the road.”

So the truckers done me in.

After he handed me the ticket, he added, “I wrote it up for 98 miles per hour as the judge in this area gets very touchy if someone goes three digits. Nice car”.

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