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IRS Is Now Hiring Debt Collectors

From An IRS Announcement In June 2017: The Internal Revenue Service began a new private collection program of certain overdue federal tax debts selecting four contractors to implement it. A bill passed by Congress in December 2015 requires IRS to use these agencies. The contractors must follow the consumer protections of the Fair Debt Collection […]

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The Forty Thieves Ride Again

Years Ago, As Myths Go, There Was A Group Of About 40 Investors Who Played The Foreclosure Game In Downtown LA They dominated all the Trustee Sales around town: cheating lenders, real estate agents, the trustors in trouble, and others out of money. Example: There Is A Property That Has A True Value Of $200,000. […]

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Trouble In Our State Government

Embezzlement Within The University Of California Some time ago, a State audit stated that Janet Napolitano had secreted away over $175 Million Dollars, a tidy sum in the University of California bank account. This was done by overestimating expenses and underspending and asking for more money. No decision on what will happen next, but the […]

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Alert To All Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents, And FDIC People Who Hope To Become A State Licensed MLO

Becoming A State Licensed MLO As I have mentioned many times, to become a State Licensed MLO (DBO or CALBRE), you must complete a 20 Hour Approved Course and pass a 125 question exam. Sounds easy? It is not. There is some work and study involved. Ask some of the almost 40% who fail the test […]

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More On Inventory In Today’s Market

More On Inventory In Today’s Market It is not a big, dark, private secret that the Inventory of Real Estate Listings is very low. This is a constant complaint of Licensees working in home sales. Just not as many sales to split up with the 420K Licensees. One Big Problem That I See Is Student […]

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Wine Thoughts for 2017

Wine Thoughts For 2017 Over the years I have enjoyed wine. Lots of wine, especially white. Out Of College I Was Sent To Germany As A Naval Officer To The Rheingau That means a lot of outstanding German White Wines, and the winery owners were extremely cordial to the military. Therefore, I learned to appreciate German […]

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IRS Warns Everybody About Tax Scams

Yes, I Know That Tax Returns Were Due On April 18th. But this post is for those people who got extensions and also for the Corporate people who already had extensions. These scams are throughout the year, and you should be ready again in 2018. Here Is A Recap Of Their “Dirty Dozen Scams” #1-  Phishing: […]

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Richard Simmons

My Richard Simmons Story

Richard Simmons Is Known To Millions Of People As The Fitness Guru. He worked for many years with people who were overweight and claims that he was responsible for millions and millions of pounds lost. Many people will remember him from his TV shows and other media outlets. He was a character in every sense […]

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Now For Some Important News

Grant Gomer, Son of Lisa and David Gomer of Woodland Hills. And Grandson of D.J. and Duane Gomer of Coto de Caza. Received news today that he was accepted as a fall student at the University of California at Los Angeles.   He is following other UCLA students: Poppa Duane (MBA in Production Management) Aunt […]

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