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irs scam warning sign

IRS Warns Everybody About Tax Scams

Yes, I Know That Tax Returns Were Due On April 18th. But this post is for those people who got extensions and also for the Corporate people who already had extensions. These scams are throughout the year, and you should be ready again in 2018. Here Is A Recap Of Their “Dirty Dozen Scams” #1-  Phishing: […]

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Richard Simmons

My Richard Simmons Story

Richard Simmons Is Known To Millions Of People As The Fitness Guru. He worked for many years with people who were overweight and claims that he was responsible for millions and millions of pounds lost. Many people will remember him from his TV shows and other media outlets. He was a character in every sense […]

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grant gomer

Now For Some Important News

Grant Gomer, The son of Lisa and David Gomer of Woodland Hills. And Grandson of D.J. and Duane Gomer of Coto de Caza. Received news today that he was accepted as a fall student at the University of California at Los Angeles. He is following other UCLA students: Poppa Duane (MBA in Production Management) Aunt […]

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concept of time for taxes with a businesswoman running on watch

Tax Day Is April 18th This Year

Yes, Three More Days To Procrastinate On Taxes. I remember my younger days when I would finish my taxes on April 15th and go to the Van Nuys regional post office on Sherman Way. The lines were long. You did not even have to get out of your car. Valet service. If you got out […]

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hands calculating home mortgage concept photo

Buy Now Or Wait

You Can Always Find Books That Discuss, “BUY OR RENT, HOW TO SAVE FOR A 20% DOWN PAYMENT”. This is an excellent short website drill from MGIC Mortgage Insurance Company. Check it out at whether for you, a friend, your children, or your clients who are afraid to make a decision. This Site was […]

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scammer calling

Scam Alert Continued

When Not to Say “Yes” We all know (or should know by now) that when you get a call with a long pause before you hear a voice, that is an automated robot call. These scam calls are becoming more and more sophisticated. The latest one that I have heard is, “Oh, hi there, I […]

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Duane Gomer Pic. Resume 2

Do You Have A Job For Me?

Years ago a super-star realestater, Donna Marie Baldwin of San Mateo County, told me of a tactic that she used when meeting a new client. She said in that marvelous DMB way, “I would like to apply for the job of your Real Estate Agent. Whenever someone applies for a job, it is customary to […]

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Let’s Talk Movies

Everyone is a movie critic, as I believe I am. Some use thumbs-up, stars, checks, numbers, but I will just say, “Should you watch or not watch a movie”? MCFARLAND; This small farm town just north of Bakersfield made the papers some years ago when a bunch of the students who worked the fields won […]

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