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spring 2017 calbre bulletinYear Ago, the Bureau of Real Estate Prepared an Interesting Quarterly Bulletin That Was Mailed to All Licensees

The people who received it all went to the same page immediately upon receipt. The page that listed the licensees who had lost their license. They were obviously looking for the name of someone they knew. We all did it.

There Have Been Two Changes

  1. The Bulletin is not longer mailed to everyone, but you can access it quickly online.
  2. The license sanctions are no longer listed but they can be accessed on the website: and put Summary of Enforcement Actions in the search bar. Still riveting  after all these years.

There Are Many Interesting Sections in the Newly Released Spring 2017 Bulletin

There is one quote in the Wayne Bell’s Commissioner’s Message that illustrates the approach of the agency in today’s world.

“We at CalBRE are mindful that our licensees, and the sub dividers and timeshare developers we oversee, are conducting business which is essential for them, their families, their associates, their communities and the economic well-being of the State. CalBRE certainly does not plan to interfere with any business conducted in compliance with California law.”

Sounds good to me.

Also, anyone who quotes “Get Together” by The Youngbloods in his official bulletin has got to be a winner and is a person who can be trusted.

“Some will come and some will go, And we shall surely pass, When the one that left us here, Returns for us at last, We are but a moment’s sunlight, Fading in the grass.”

Other Mention-able Articles

There are also articles on:

  • “Master-Planned Develoopments and Their Associations” by Chris Neri
  • “Update from CalBRE’s Mortgage Loan Activities Section” by Chika Sunquist
  • “Relevant Information about Subdivisions” by Chris Neri again
  • “Education Course Monitoring and License Auditing” by Shelly Wilson
  • and other data.

I keep page two handy at all times for this is the list of who is who and their phone numbers at CalBRE.

Especially Note:

There is a new person listed in the important position of Chief Deputy Commissioner: Dan Sandri, who was Chief Auditor until appointed to the number two spot.

Good pick and good luck.

Start Reading This Bulletin

One tip for Company Brokers and Managers:

Go back into the Archives and look for important articles about topics that you could cover at your company meetings.

Words from the mount. Good information all licensees should know. Ignorance of any law is no excuse for a violation.

2 Responses to The Latest CalBRE Bulletin

  1. marjorie muir 00635890 April 23, 2017 at 1:16 pm #

    is it true over 70 and in good standing you can renew your license without taking the 45 hours. but do have to take ethics? thanks for all your wonderful information/letters,etc
    marge muir, – student of the past over 70 plus
    951 440-0114

    other: do you offer an On-line ethics course? please advise…mm

    • Customer Service April 25, 2017 at 4:00 pm #

      Hello Marjorie!

      For the most part, yes, Salespersons and Brokers who are over the age of 70 and have been working in Real Estate full-time for at least 30 years do not have to complete the 45-hour education. The BRE calls this the 70/30 rule.

      The Ethics course requirement only applies to members of NAR and needs to be completed every 2 years. For more information about the Ethics requirement for realtors, please see Duane’s posts here: and here:

      We do offer the Ethics course as an online homestudy that can be completed in as few as 2 days.
      If you would like to sign up, please go to this page and click on enroll after reading information about the course:

      Thank you for choosing Duane Gomer Education as your source for Real Estate Education. We appreciate you greatly!

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