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Cabin Fever Movie for Today

Great Movies You can not discuss 2019 movies without mentioning “Parasites”. It won the Oscar. The first foreign language (Korean) film to win and the first film with sub-titles to win. The consensus rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 99%. A Review An urgent brilliantly layered look at timely social themes. Parasite finds writer-director Bong Joon […]

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Anyone With Cabin Fever

Knives Out I have seen many of the 2019 movies and for today I have a recommendation. KNIVES OUT. Rotten Tomatoes, my number one rating service, rates it 97% out of 100%. It earned $265M so some people liked it, and Rian Johnson was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay”. A sample review:  […]

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Customer Service Is Important; Recent Column In Realty Times Agrees ($6K Dollar Egg)

Realty Times The late Bob Hunt was a San Clemente Broker, Owner, Author, Bon Vivant, Ethicist, Producer, CAR Committee Chair, and friend. Every week he wrote an outstanding column for national distribution by Realty Times. A few years he discussed my friends Debra and Todd Duncan’s book on Customer Service. It was worth a read then […]

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Comments From the Field of Sport

Favorites One I really like was by Bum Phillips, one of my favorite NFL coaches. He said about Don Shula, “He can take his’n and beat your’n, and then your’n and beat his’n”. Shula said that it was one of the best compliments he ever received. One coach who said about an outstanding college prospect […]

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Designation vs Broker On our website we have an article entitled “Why I Believe So Strongly You Should Become a Broker!” I believe that even more strongly after reading an article on “Designations” on the DRE Website: Consumer and Industry Warning: False and Misleading Designations Some licensees have been called before Judges and the DRE […]

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Test Your Knowledge of Real Estate

Questions Can a person without a real estate license sign on a broker’s trust fund?According to DRE which is a more serious violation in a trust fund? Conversion or Commingling?Many people have paid off their California houses. What percentage do you think have mortgages on their homes now?A person leases a furnished apartment for one […]

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Dating In Today’s Marketplace

Dating and Real Estate Terms A student reader asked me to please send a copy of my shtick used in class about dating and real estate terms. Hadn’t done it in a long time, but it came back. Caravanning: Checking sources of possible dates, including online, friends, bars, etc.Open Listing: You are dating someone, but […]

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